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Better Your Life With The Miracle Plant

Don't let your ailments keep you down. The quality of life you desire is within your grasp! Imagine playing with your grandkids with ease, taking that walk with your spouse, feeling like you've taken decades off your life. 

Decreased Inflammation*

Inflammation is a necessary response by your body to deal with an injury or infection. Whether chronic or acute, inflammation can wreak havoc on your system and cause much discomfort. Give your body the chance to move and feel without aches and pains caused by inflammation. 

Better Mood*

It can be frustrating when you can't see the positivity in life. You try to keep a smile on your face but it's forced. You can feel those endorphins again and share that authentic smile everybody knows and loves! 

Better Sense of Calm*

Being stressed can cause health concerns and can bring on longterm issues with heart health and overall wellbeing. Serenity is key to getting back to good health and it doesn't have to come in a white pill. 

Higher Energy*

That feeling of not being able to keep up can be discouraging. Your mind tells you, “Yes”! Your body tells you, “No”. Get your body to respond the way you know it can. That youthful step is just moments away!

Improved Sleep*

Deep sleep is crucial for skin and cell renewal, hormonal regulation, and growth. Without quality deep sleep, your immune system won’t be as strong, you will be more prone to depression and/or unnecessary weight gain. Give your body the sleep it deserves and feel the effects of improved sleep in your daily life.

Better Wellness*

Finding homeostasis in your body is key to achieving maximum wellness. Homeostasis is essentially balance. When things hurt or don’t work correctly in your body, something is off balance. Get back in balance! Improve your overall wellness!

Our Philosophy

We keep it simple, just like a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice our product is kept as it was intended, maintaining all 512 naturally occurring constituents in the plant. High Raw CBDa Content, Whole Plant, Organic, Locally-sourced, just like a Farmer’s Market. CBD as it was meant to be.

Locally Sourced

We believe in supporting our local farmers and strive to keep our environmental impact as low as possible in all aspects of our business.

Sun Grown

Nature knows best so why use artificial lights when our sun provides everything we need, and more? We use the energy of the sun to fuel our hemp, as nature intended.

Sustainable Farms

Our farming practices focus on being sustainable for future generations to come. Every choice we make is for the longevity of our farms and our crop.

Family Run Business

We developed our proprietary Miracle Plant blend for our son who was suffering from neurological damage. Family is involved in every aspect of our business. 

Cold Extraction

Without heating our hemp, the raw nature of the plant and its constituents are intact and offer superior health benefits over those that are heated.

Whole Plant

We promote the benefits of the entourage effect of all the plant constituents such as the 113 plus cannabinoids, the terpenes and essential oils, the lipids like Omega 3 and Omega 6 working in synergy for the most powerful benefits.

Excellence is the word of the day.

I spent 60 days researching the web to get information to understand CBD and to sample the product. I discovered 101 CBD and it has been a delight to my heart. The products are excellent, they are responsive to questions as well as being supportive and handling and addressing ways you can use CBD. I have recommended their products and I have even given some of their products to at least a dozen friends who are coming back to me for additional items and I refer them to 101 CBD. Excellence is the word of the day.


I believe God guided me to this wonderful product.

Words can not express how CBD oil changed my son's health for the better.

He was suffering from anxiety and depression.  He has had challenges accessing  the curriculum at school and fell behind. Last year and this year he missed a lot of school due to anxiety. Mornings were full of crying, stomach pain and nausea.  Long story short he has been on the product for a month and has not missed a day. I feel like it is Christmas every day he goes school.

Linda spent time with explaining how the products work. She truly cares about the health of others. I want to share this success and encourage other Moms to try the CBD oil if your child has a similar challenge. I believe God guided me to this wonderful product.

Mary M.

I can sleep and move in a way that has been missing from my life for many years.

They are experts and care deeply for their clients! My firsthand knowledge. I suffer and have suffered for years from multiple herniated L spine discs, with surgery and radiating leg pain from nerve impingement. The XX twice a day really helps with my pain. I can sleep and move in a way that has been missing from my life for many years. My family and I thank you for this life changing naturally occurring miracle CBD Oil.

Michelle S.

After taking CBD Oil for 3 months, my PAIN left.

For 42 years I had level 9, 10 Pain. I saw a doc series called The Sacred Plant and it talked about CBD Oil. I found 101 CBD here in Ventura. I called and talk to Justin and we met. After taking CBD Oil for 3 months my PAIN left. I continued with the Oil for 10 months. I thought I would STOP taking the Oil to see if the PAIN would stay away. It has been 2 week's and still NO PAIN!!!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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