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CBD Business Opportunity

CBD Business Opportunity

Do you have a calling to be a part of the mission to Heal The World?

Have you been looking to get into the Hemp/CBD/Cannabis space?

Do you want to make an impact and make a great living?
If you answered YES! to all 3 of these questions then this makes today your lucky day! 
We have just released an exciting opportunity to exclusive territories and franchising in the US.
We have already signed the first round of private investors and now we are opening up the next round of exclusive territories to the public. 


This Opportunity is unlike anything else out there.  

We offer:

  • 101 CBD Certifications so you can become an expert and earn money training other people on what you know.
  • Coaching the complex sales & marketing process to make the highest profits in the industry.
  • Guidance on getting your business set up for success including Sales, Marketing, Distribution & Management.
  • Opportunity to become a Franchisor and sell Franchises to other interested parties. 
  • Receive a commission on all sales in your state which will go directly to your bank account!

Send us an email to info@101cbd.orgcreate new email to let us know why you want to join the 101 CBD family & which state you live in to see if it is available!

Happy Healing,

101 CBD Family

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