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101 CBD Influencers Who Helped Guide Us Towards Raw CBDa

Though our intuition and history with healthy, raw, whole plant eating guided us, there were 3 major influencers to whom we can thank for sending us down the raw CBDa road. This influence was instrumental in bringing our son back from a severe neurological disorder and enabled us the opportunity to help heal thousands of other individuals worldwide.

Our Mother Hen, Janet Benton-Gaillard, and her decades of research on holistic healing and nutrition, gave us the initial nudge to “go raw”. Her knowledge of plants and the damage we do to them as we heat and process them into the products we see all over the grocery store shelves, opened our eyes to the fact that the extraction process we use to generate our CBDa products is of vital importance. Maintaining the acidic precursor (the “a” in CBDa) by using the “low and slow” method of extraction – low temperature and slow process times – allows the bulk of the 500+ plant constituents and 113+ cannabinoids to be present in our products. Janet was instrumental in helping us develop a product line that is up to 1000 times more effective than CBD isolate products. Her work on researching and developing the recipes for our topical products is essential to our success today.

The Godfather of CBD, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, was dubbed the Godfather for good reason. His extensive research on the cannabis plant led him to identify the most well-known cannabinoids, THC and CBD, back in the 1960’s. In the early years of 101 CBD, we were eternally grateful for Dr. Mechoulam’s research on raw CBDa. In a time when most research efforts were focused on THC or on a synthetic version of CBD, it was reassuring to receive word from Israel (Dr. Mechoulam’s home country) that raw CBDa is more effective than its isolated counterpart. He also revealed some significant findings regarding the effectiveness of raw CBDa based on the studies he had conducted with his team in Israel at the Hebrew University. Another win for the raw CBDa world!

Finally, the doctor who inspired us to start juicing raw hemp for our son was none other than Dr. William Courtney, MD. His extensive research on raw cannabis and the significant difference between raw, unheated hemp extract and the decarboxylated variety, guided us in our earlier years towards raw CBDa. The concept of eating raw hemp leaves in your salad or adding it to your daily juicing regimen opened our eyes to a whole new world of healing. The change in our son was significant. We were lucky enough to connect with Dr. Courtney recently and he agreed to an interview on the Miracle Plant Podcast (it’s worth a listen)!

Thank you to our influencers for guiding us towards the development of a superior product that is truly saving lives.

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