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Have You Ever Had To Fire a Client?

In our experience as a family-run organization that started out looking for a solution to a severe diagnosis for our child, we have come across a whole array of people since raw CBDa can help us in so many ways. 99% of our cherished clients understand what we are all about, appreciate us and Love our mission. This vast majority show their gratitude by writing positive reviews, coming into our stores to share a cry with us about how this miracle plant changed their lives or even being a guest on our Miracle Plant podcast.

When there is an occasional hiccup, normally our clients are patient when the USPS is delayed (they have been really slow the past year), give us a call when they have questions or concerns instead of making a big stink about it and badgering us. But what about that 1%? Have you, fellow entrepreneurs, ever had to fire a client? We have.

Here’s a recent story.

We put our heart and soul into 101 CBD, giving hundreds of thousands of dollars of products away to families looking for a solution. As a growing organization, each and every individual on our team has multiple responsibilities. When you visit one of our stores you might see one smiling face behind the counter ready to help you with your CBDa needs, but this person is often in the middle of 5 other tasks that are required to make the organization run smoothly. From answering the phones to monitoring social media accounts, handling wholesale orders to developing new product lines, engaging in free online consultations to running payroll…if we employed one person for every responsibility, we wouldn’t be around to help Heal the World!

Recently, we came across a client who has become a sort of thorn in our side. Anyone who is manning one of our stores knows her caller ID number and when it pops up, a feeling of dread seeps in. Regardless, we pick up and answer the call with a cheery voice and positive attitude. This client has been known to call at 5:30 pm and demand that her order goes out in the mail that day when the last pickup at the USPS is 5:30 pm. When we tell her that it would be impossible to get the order out until the following day, she proceeds to demand a guarantee that she will receive her order by a specific day. We do our absolute best to get orders in our clients’ hands as quickly as possible but we have no control over the USPS so we cannot offer shipping guarantees. When we tell her this, she proceeds to tell us how incompetent we are, what bad customer service we provide and throws in name-calling and other hurtful words that nobody deserves to hear.

If this were a one-time incident, we would give her a free pass knowing that everyone has a bad day here and there and everyone deserves a second chance. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident and this last time we decided would be the last. We kindly told her that we are a family-run organization that really cares about helping people. We aren’t perfect but we do our best every day to take care of our clients and work towards our mission of healing the world in the best way we know how. We also told her we aren’t obligated to work with clients who badger us or don’t appreciate us and that her business is not welcome at our company anymore.

Luckily, we offer a great product and service and we don’t have to deal with this type of client 99% of the time. We thank you, the 99%, for supporting our company and our mission. We never wanted to fire a client, but we operate with integrity and believe in the notion of treating others the way we want to be treated. We will continue to do our best and though we never want to be the McDonalds of CBD oil, we value that we are different, that we aren’t in this industry to make a quick buck, that we continually educate ourselves and in turn educate our clients and provide the best products so that we can heal without side effects or pills and improve the quality of our lives and those of our clients.

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Happy Healing,

101 CBD Family

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