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Giving Back by Donating CBD to Families in Need

At 101 CBD, we believe in paying it forward. We believe so wholeheartedly in our products and what they can do for people of all ages, with all sorts of ailments. This miracle plant has done so much for our family, we have made it our mission to reach 1 Billion people through education, videos, donating CBD and seeds by 2025.

How are we doing this? Well, we aren’t in the CBD business for the money. We made a decision in the beginning of our journey that we would never cut corners and sell an inferior product just to line our bank account. Our whole plant, raw, organic product costs a significant amount more to produce than our competitors’ isolate garbage. We are doing this by measuring our success in impact over dollars and cents. The joy we feel every time we get a positive review or hear another success story when we see you in our stores is immeasurable.

We want you to feel that same feeling when you purchase from us. You know the quality of our products and how they have helped you…now you know by purchasing from our company, you are helping someone else get the health benefits they need to live a better life. It’s as if you are donating CBD by purchasing from us…an easy way to give back!

We are sending organic, high CBDa strain seeds to people who request them in the notes at checkout. We do this free of charge with your order because we know the power of raw hemp and juicing its fresh leaves and flowers is the best way to benefit from this miracle plant, just like our products – cold-extracted. Everyone should have their own hemp garden in their backyard and we intend to help in any way we can to make this happen.

Pay it forward by continuing to choose 101 CBD as your go-to for CBD products.

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