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Homegrown Hemp Shake

Teaming up with the Autism Hope Alliance, 101 CBD’s CEO Justin Benton shows how to make your own homegrown hemp shake and shares the reason why he and his family grew to adopt this practice in their own home.

In a society that has a dependency on processed foods, we are losing touch with the importance of live foods that feed our bodies and protect us from disease. By processing food, we are killing the live enzymes, among other vitamins and nutrients present to keep our bodies healthy. This is why, at 101 CBD, we use a sub-critical extraction method where we keep the temperatures low and keep the process slow so we maintain all of the healthy plant materials that add to the healing properties of our oils.

Just like eating a fresh salad, there’s nothing like eating the live hemp plant! Drinking a hemp shake every day can add innumerable health benefits to your body and mind. Take a look at this recent interview with Justin and Kristin Gonzalez from Autism Hope Alliance and see how easy it can be to improve your health with a simple shake.

We believe in educating our customers on ways to take ownership of their health and grow their own hemp! We will even send you some organic, high CBDa strain hemp seeds for you to start your own garden so you can make your own homegrown hemp shake! Just email us at info@101CBD.orgcreate new email and send us your name and address and put “Send me some seeds!” in the subject line. Join us on your Highway to Health!

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