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A Passion for Helping Others Drives 101 CBD to Help Both Consumers and the Hemp Industry with Raw CBD

Watch Alex Robles of In My Grow interview raw CBD extraordinaire Justin Benton, CEO of 101 CBD in this latest podcast (starts at minute 28 of the video). Watch the special bonus tutorial on how to grow hemp seeds at home.

Justin Benton, CEO of 101 CBD, passionately shares that the heartfelt customer success stories from using the 101 CBD whole plant, raw CBD products that give him the fuel to keep getting this miracle plant to the many people who need it.  The new store on Seaward Avenue on the beach in Ventura is going to have a wall of testimonials to remind everyone of why we are so passionate about sharing this natural alternative solution. The goal is to keep increasing awareness and access by joining with others in the hemp industry and by opening stores in more states and other countries. 

Enjoy and learn from the wide range of topics discussed by Alex and Justin. Watch the tutorial on growing hemp seeds at the end and then contact info@101 CBD.orgcreate new email or put a request in the Notes section of  your product order online to receive your six free hemp seeds and practice growing your own hemp. Try the leaves in a salad or added to your morning juicing.

Watch as Justin describes his goal of uniting the many lanes of the hemp community into an effective national industry. The goal is to ensure the best uses and accessibility of this complex miracle plant.  As a member of the California Hemp Industry Association, he emphasizes the key goals of fine tuning the 2018 Farm Bill statutes that legalized hemp CBD below .3 % THC.  Uniform regulation of manufacturing, testing and labeling standards, and clarifying the legality of hemp CBD extracts as a natural supplement, a food additive, and/or a pharmaceutical are all needed to allow more widespread hemp farming, use of products, and consumer safety.

AB228, the current bill now in subcommittees in California, seeks to have CBD regulated for use in food and drinks and to define the CGMP standards for manufacturing. Colorado has twice as many acres of hemp planting as California and has led the charge in clarifying legal practices. Hemp is a crop like green beans and soybeans, and it is a federally legal commodity. 

Because of the stigma about THC, misinformation is slowing up the progress of American hemp famers. Hemp farmers produce this miracle plant that not only makes CBD extract, but fiber products like paper, clothing, plastics, wood alternatives, and biofuel. Producing hemp also shows great promise in bringing American manufacturing jobs back to America to make this wide range of products. Everyday Americans can help by getting behind expanding hemp farming and manufacturing, and be a part of the solution, not part of the current problems. 

Use the coupon code ING25 for a 25 percent discount on your total order.  Be sure to try the new raw CBD Tropical Bliss flavor tincture Alex tries for the interview, or the Blueberry flavor that won first place at the last San Diego CBD Expo.  And do not forget to order your free seed sample by email at info@101CBD.orgcreate new email or in the Notes section of your order online at

Lets all do our part in supporting the growing American hemp industry and sharing our successes with using the whole plant, raw CBD (CBDa) products.

(Skip to minute 28 to see the Justin Benton interview)

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