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101 CBD CEO Justin Benton Lets His Light Shine on The Hoban Minute Law Group Podcast

“This has been by far one of the most fun and just absolutely enjoyable episodes of the Hoban Minute.  Justin, thank you for bringing all this energy and bringing all these positive vibes to the show, and all you do. You are just a shining light, man.”

A must-listen podcast with three of the top OG’s in the hemp arena: Hoban Law Group’s Bob Hoban and Eric Singular interviewing 101 CBD’s Justin Benton.  You can gather so much knowledge in this fun interchange of industry leaders. And where else can you learn about such things as the existence of playlist with 14 days of nonstop Grateful Dead music and that Bob Hoban never misses a basketball shot (unguarded, that is).

High praise was given to the NoCo Summer Solstice Virtual Hemp Conference, as virtual conferences and conferencing have become the new norm in our current world.  The Summer Solstice event set a new standard with its easy to access visuals to live and recorded speakers, an exposition of over 100 companies presenting videos, information, and live chats with visitors, a job forum, a networking room, and live music.

Justin updated 101 CBD’s progress since his last podcast on the Hoban Minute and his gratitude that the company continues to thrive as part of the hemp solution spotlighting the benefits of this plant. Customers have been thrilled that the stores were deemed essential and remained open to provide support such as the Chill products for the extra stress and lack of sleep during these stressful times. 

He reported the 101 CBD customers were also happy with the new location at 1121 S Seaward Avenue on the beach in Ventura. The mission of 101 CBD is to get the knowledge of our unique products either in hand or virtually to 1 billion people by 2025.  The overall goal is to lead the charge to get the resources together and collaborate to accomplish the Hemp Revolution.

This collaboration between existing and new businesses in the US,  the European Union, and other countries throughout the globe is needed to create and finance large scale processing plants, cooperatives, and the technology needed for the use of the wide range of products the hemp plant offers. Exploring tax credits and carbon credits is another collaborative avenue as hemp uses regenerative farming and sequesters carbon. 

Bob, Eric, and Justin invited anyone in the industry to reach out to them for help, and if they did not have the answer, they would find someone who does.  Justin offered a challenge to all in the industry…

“If your cup is full, then help someone who is new to the industry and help them get on the right path.”

Hemp Heroes also have fun while they share inspiring messages and the latest knowledge from the hemp movement. Enjoy their discussion of the sage wisdom of the Grateful Dead, listening to LP music albums, and a special message to Bob and his family from one of his sports heroes. They have the perfect ending for all the knowledge and inspiration they shared: 

“Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine”

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