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The Ultimate Entourage Effect: Keeping High CBDA with Full Plant Benefits Using Cold-Processed Whole Plant Extraction

Hemp Hero 101 CBD CEO Justin Benton Shines in Interview with RAWmarketplace

Listen to 101 CBD CEO Justin Benton for his Hemp Hero interview with Neshama Abraham at in the link below to learn more about the unique history and whole plant, high CBDA products of 101 CBD.

Justin has truly been a Hemp Hero since the start of his family’s journey with hemp extracts as a solution to his son’s autism diagnosis.  Using a holistic approach of whole plant, cold processed extraction to preserve the high CBDA content and a wider range of plant constituents with organic ingredients was the key to his son’s unprecedented progress.  Honoring the potential of this miracle plant used by humans for centuries by keeping it as close to nature as possible not only helped his son but is the foundation of the customer demand that led to the continuing expansion of 101 CBD.

You can also join the fun talking 101 CBD products with host Neshama sharing her reactions to trying 101 CBD’s high CBDA products – Chill X tincture in Blueberry and Alleviate X in the new Tropical Bliss flavor.

In her own words…

“I loved them both. Blueberry Chill is delicious.”

After taking the Alleviate Tropical Bliss, she reported…

“I had a sense of wholeness, like body repair. Like my body was going, yes, thank you! It felt like it was doing all the right things inside.” 

Neshama took the Blueberry Chill before going to sleep and reported…

“I had a very good sleep, so I wanted to thank you. Just to be able to deeply relax and sleep well.”

In summary, she noted…

“I want to attest I think they are excellent. And I love the flavor of the one you are testing, Tropical Bliss.”

There is a link in the interview chat to receive a free bottle of 101 CBD Chill in the new Tropical Bliss flavor, as anxiety is now surpassing pain as the number one reason to use CBD.

When asked about the research on CBD vs. CBDA for debilitating body conditions, Justin referenced current published research, especially Dr. Raphael Mechoulam’s findings of the increased benefits of high CBDA for a variety of conditions.  In simple terms, CBDA is closer to raw, fresh squeezed orange juice which most of us can agree has more benefits for our bodies than heat, processed fruit drinks or instant orange juice powder. 

Justin is a member of the California Hemp Council which benefits from the excellent legal guidance of internationally known Patrick Goggin of Hoban Law.  California is now making a second attempt to pass a bill to set regulations for hemp and CBD.  California, which is often described as a nation state with its GDP being sixth in the world, recognizes the need to have hemp regulations of its own as there is no timeline for FDA regulations or future updates of the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills.

One key concern of hemp farmers in California is the push back from local Boards of Supervisors wanting a half mile barrier from roads for hemp planting, costing hemp farmers up to 30% of their crop.  A second national concern, best explained by Doug Fine in his book The American Hemp Farmer, is the burden on hemp farmers with the restrictive .3 % THC limit on hemp plants at all stages of growing in the field. With even a slight increase over that level, the hemp plants are considered “hot” and cannot be used for CBD products and sometimes are destroyed.  The proposed solution is to enforce THC level in finished products and to raise the limit to 1% as it was in the 2014 Farm Bill.

A question and answer session covered a broad range of topics and clarified that the COA third party test results show 101 CBD products, like all legal hemp products, met the guidelines for less than .3% THC. He also clarified the coming standards for cGMP production for all manufacturers, and the power of the hemp plant for farmers and consumers. He quoted Jack Herer in The Emperor Wears No Clothes, “Hemp may not save the world, but it is the only thing that can.”

The biggest take-away from Justin’s talk was the importance of using the whole hemp plant in a cold process extraction to maintain the plants naturally high levels of CBDA and hemp’s many other beneficial components for the ultimate entourage effect and effectiveness.

Don’t forget, use the link in the interview chat to receive a free bottle of 101 CBD Chill in the new Tropical Bliss flavor or email info@101CBD.orgcreate new email and mention you listened to Justin’s Hemp Heroes Interview.

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