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Cannabis and Hemp Insider: A Conversation with Justin Benton, CEO of 101 CBD

101 CBD:  Its Focus on CBDA and the business opportunities with its national store expansion

Hosted by Jeffrey Friedland, CEO of FC Global Strategies

Do not miss this live video interview with Justin Benton, CEO of 101 CBD with Jeffrey Friedland of Cannabis and Hemp Insider.  Standing in front of the newest 101 CBD store at 1121 South Seaward Avenue in Ventura, California, Justin shares his personal history after his son was diagnosed with autism with severe delays in all areas.   He describes feeling like it was a life sentence, with grieving and pain, a lot of confusion on what could be done, and little hope for his son to have a normal future.  

The family did a lot of research and found Dr. Raphael Mechoulam of Hebrew University in Israel who had been doing research for decades with cannabinoids.  His research showing CBD was beneficial for seizures inspired the family to use CBD as a potential solution for autism. Justin was honored to meet Dr. Mechoulam at the 2019 CannMed Conference and hear him present on the benefits of CBDA, the raw, unheated form of CBD.  His most current research supported the 101 CBD formulation created for their son using cold processed hemp oil to retain high levels of the raw CBDA.

The Benton’s had decided to use a holistic approach when creating a CBD oil for their son’s autism, with cold-processed, whole hemp plant CBD oil high in CBDA.  Their son made unprecedented progress and within a year was able to attend general education school. Now, he goes to school without the assistance of an ABA therapist and is thriving. This successful journey was documented in the Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine.

101 CBD was then started to educate and offer hope to other families affected by autism, and to pay it forward in gratitude for the success CBDA had given their family.  The passage of the 2014 Farm Bill allowed more research with hemp, but with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the business exploded with so many people researching and trying CBD for a wide range of problems, and especially those finding success with their raw, high CBDA product.  Customers report it is wonderful to get back to a more natural, plant-based approach to health that worked for them. 

Justin favors taking a “white hat” approach of following good manufacturing processes, being clear on product ingredients, and focusing on providing the best product for your customer, not profit. This includes making a safe product, manufactured in a safe place, using an experienced law firm to meet legal standards, joining professional organizations to stay current, and being an advocate for best practices in the industry

Jeffrey also emphasizes the need for quality control and was impressed with the CBDA products he saw in the 101 CBD Denver retail store with the COA’s on the bottles.  The COA’s, or certificates of analysis, are the results from third party testing.   The test results show the amounts of each cannabinoid matched to the listed milligrams of CBDA and CBD labelled on the bottle.  Other test results show that the product does not contain herbicides, pesticides, molds and other microbials, metals, or solvents. Jeffrey reports he talks to people all day who use CBD effectively for pets and themselves for anxiety, sleep, and skin issues.

Even though the FDA has not made a ruling on CBD while it collects more input, the industry has become more self-policing and educating consumers to shop for products with COA’s like 101 CBD.

Justin emphasizes that finding the best hemp CBD or CBDA products takes more than shopping by price online. 101 CBD focuses on listening to customer’s needs and history, providing education and research on the hemp plant and how CBD and CBDA benefits relate to specific customer concerns.  101 CBD shares results from , the official government research site, to help consumers find the latest research on their concerns. They even provide free online consultation with the Director of R&D via Zoom conferencing.

All the people that are now using CBD are happy with the results, or the market would not be expanding so quickly. There is overwhelming anecdotal evidence on the benefits of CBD, without major side-effects in addition to the published research.  The FDA commissioner even said it would be hard to put the toothpaste back into the bottle by restricting CBD with all the positive results consumers have found from using it with no side effects.  More research is being done as some side effects were found by GW Pharma with Epidiolex, the refined, pharmaceutical CBD use to treat some rare forms of seizures. Large scale research on CBD and potential side effects are now in progress. 

With the high demand for 101 CBD’s proprietary cold processed, whole hemp plant CBDA, the company is now expanding worldwide.  CEO Justin is open to talking to anyone located in an area with at least 100,000 people in a five-mile radius for a new retail store. The first step is to try the product yourself and become passionate about its benefits and the company mission.  Justin can be contacted for further information at info@101CBD.orgcreate new email or 805-642-5623.

101 CBD is a mission-driven company with a passion to help others through a superior CBDA product and in-depth personalized education and support.  To support their mission of helping others, 101 CBD offers a unique Compassion Program, especially for autism. New families with autism receive their first bottle free, and then receive significant discounts and access to a free consultation.

Besides the 101 CBD retail stores, the company also sells bulk CBDA and provides wholesale products to other retail outlets in addition to the retail stores.  Online orders shipped to all 50 states with two-day shipping is another backbone of the company’s success. More orders are also being shipped internationally as more countries are legalizing hemp CBD.

For anyone watching the video with Hemp Insider, email info@101CBD.orgcreate new email to get a free sample of our new Tropical Bliss flavor just  for the cost of shipping. We would love to hear your feedback or answer any questions. Click here to watch the interview!

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