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101 CBD Goes the Extra Mile to Support our Frontline Workers

Going beyond clapping, signs, and TV specials, the folks at 101 CBD wanted to do more to support our frontline workers in the current health crisis. These frontline workers include the wide range of those who staff our hospitals and nursing homes on whom we rely as we follow stay-at-home recommendations. All these frontline workers are exposed to increasingly stressful working conditions including longer than normal work hours, an underlying awareness of their potential to contract the virus, isolation from their family members to avoid potential spreading of the virus, filling in any area where they are needed, handling the heartbreak of being unable to save many of their patients, the worry over having enough supplies such as protective gear, testing materials, or advanced care equipment such as ventilators, and being aware of no clear cut end in sight when things will get better. The support our frontline workers is needed now more than ever.

To springboard a more personal effort to support these frontline health care workers, 101CBD/Hemp is now offering them a .5 ounce bottles of its customer favorite oil, Chill X.  Chill X is the most relevant choice during this stressful time. Chill X, containing the proprietary whole plant, cold extracted hemp oils, is often used by many customers to help maintain a sense of calm and manage everyday stress. 

Chill X contains a whole plant hemp extract base and contains a variety of plant compounds including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids. This combination creates an Entourage effect, or the synergist benefits of all the plant compounds working together. With the added benefits of cold extraction resulting in a high percentage of the raw phytocannabinoid forms, Chill X is a product closer to how Mother Nature created it. To the carrier oil of cold pressed hemp seed oil is added low temperature extracted liquid stevia, with a small infusion of passion flower.  Passion flower has a long historical use for its calming effects and is described by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). Chill X is available with a choice of several organic flavors.  These flavors include citrus, blueberry, peppermint, vanilla, natural sweet, and unflavored.  

We encourage any healthcare workers to stop by for their free bottle of Chill X at our three locations in Ventura and Ojai, California and Westminster, Colorado. Our educated staff will be happy to answer any questions or arrange a special time for pick-up if work hours conflict with the store hours.  We at 101 CBD are part of a family owned company created to help a family member, and our passion and purpose is truly helping others through providing the best products we can, providing the most current information and research, and offer a range of services to assist those most in need.  In addition to the bottles for seven dollars, discounts on larger bottles are also available. Please help spread the word about 101 CBD’s effort to support our frontline workers.

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