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Enjoy the Fact-filled Autism Hope Alliance Video Conference on Immune System Supports at Home

We are all much more aware now of trying to help our immune systems when we are stressed, to resist or recover from a virus, or during major changes in our work and home lives. Follow the link below to watch a Zoom conference on a variety of immune system supports you have right at home.

The conference is hosted by Kristen Gonzales, the president of the Autism Hope Alliance, with Justin Benton, CEO of and Janet Benton Gaillard, Director of Research and Development at Major topics include dietary recommendations starting with the benefits of  immune system supports like vitamins A,B,C,D, and E and the best foods to include in our diets with these vitamins, and other foods, supplements, and activities that can help our bodies.

These benefits also include the use of raw, organic, cold-processed CBD high in CBDA.  CBDA is the raw form made in the plant that converts to CBD with heat. Much of the current research, including Raphael Mechoulam’s ground-breaking work, show the unique and increased benefits of CBDA as it interacts far beyond the Endocannabinoid system of receptors to a wide variety of other receptors. One of CBDA’s main benefits is homeostasis, or the ability to balance body functions, including the immune system.  

CBD/CBDA has many of the properties we have been discussing with vitamins and supplements that are all a major part of immune system supports, with current research showing they may have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. CBD has been shown in some studies to be a stronger antioxidant than Vitamins A and E.

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