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Background on the video “An Autism Mother’s Heartfelt Journey”

The need for effective autism interventions has increased in the past fifty years along with the growing rates of observed cases in children. The latest CDC sampling of 8-year-olds with autism has increased to 1:54 from 1:10,000 in the 1970’s. The lack of agreement on the cause of this exponential increase and how to reduce this rate leads to greater confusion among their parents. These individual family struggles and stories are often lost in all the statistics and theories. When we hear from an Autism mother or father regarding their CBD journey, we are excited to be able to share it with our community.

 Most parents try many ways to help their child with the best teaching methods, social skills training, diets, medications, and supplements.  These parents are continually searching for solutions that go beyond just maintaining their child with support services, but instead offer real breakthroughs and significant growth. Most parents work with their local public and private school systems, private therapists, a variety of medical services, information from other parents, autism organizations, and their own research for help with the unique needs of their child with autism.  Searching for answers is often an overwhelming task for parents while they deal with the unique and sometimes overwhelming needs of their child with autism.

The parent video in the link below illustrates an honest and heartfelt journey of one experienced mother searching for answers. This Autism mother describes her older child with severe autism, seizures, and anxiety who developed a significant problem with uncontrolled physical aggression during adolescence.  While rarely talked about, living with a grown child who physically hurts their mother is one of the most painful outcomes with no easy answers. This family used the top doctors in the field, daily in-home therapy, diet changes, medications, and a variety of supplements including CBD without seeing a decrease in aggression. His mother describes the heartache of having a child you love with all your heart who is unable to control their aggression in spite of trying so many products that promise to help but deliver nothing.

This Autism mother’s research journey led her to a raw, whole plant, CBD high in CBDA, the unheated form found in the hemp plant. From the first day of use, their in-home therapist reported a decrease in aggression and anxiety with more connection and talking. His mother explains it took about three weeks to transition from the CBD with high THC to the hemp CBDA. After seven months of CBDA, her son’s aggression is now down 98%, the anxiety has gone, and positive interactions have increased.  Although her son can still get upset, he can now calm himself down, which was unheard of before the CBDA.  She reports it felt like my son was in there and was now coming to say, “Hi, I’m here, hello.”

She reports the comparison of this time a year ago when she could only pray the aggression would go away or lock herself in a room afraid and crying and covered in bruises to now is “a miracle -all day long- a miracle.” 

The only change they had made with their son was to switch from the CBD to the cold processed hemp CBDA.

This Autism mother is sharing her story to encourage parents of children with autism to keep trying that one more thing. “You gotta try that one more thing. You don’t know what is going to work, what is going to help.”

Click Here to hear her story.

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