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CBD Takes A Step Forward in COVID-19 Research

COVID-19 research and CBD? Finally! Israel’s leadership in CBD and THC cannabis research began in the 1960s with the groundbreaking research of Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, now recognized as the world’s foremost CBD and THC cannabis researchers.  Israel has since exploded into a major research center for plant medicine and pharmaceutical research with collaboration from top international companies. This is due to Dr. Mechoulam’s leadership and Israel’s clear and proactive stance on cannabis research.  In the US, the National Institute of Health (NIH) has been funding Mechoulam’s research for over 50 years, but clarifying federal regulations of CBD and THC for use and research is not yet available.

Israel was thus the perfect location for a recently announced collaborative effort between InnoCan Pharma Ltd of Israel and a sponsored COVID-19 research agreement with Ramot, a major technology company that works with both academic and corporate areas at Tel Aviv University. The research goal is to develop a novel, approach to treat COVID-19 symptoms by delivering CBD together with previously researched exosomes.

In case you are like most of us and haven’t heard of exosomes, they are small particles that are anti-inflammatory, can help regeneration, and improve immune reactions in damaged tissues. Combining the exosomes benefits with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will hopefully have a stronger effect against the symptoms of COVID-19, especially lung damage.

We at 101CBD, who witnessed firsthand the benefits of whole plant, hemp-based CBD/ CBDA on the reduction of measured symptoms of autism of a family member, are encouraged to see research on CBD benefits move into the world stage during these troubling times.

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