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Ways to Stay Healthy During this Pandemic

“Hemp may not save the world, but it is the only thing that can.”  Jack Herer

Let’s talk hemp and other ways to stay healthy during this pandemic.

Fun Facts about hemp

  • Hemp is a miracle plant that can produce food, clothing, shelter, paper, fuel, and help our bodies feel better.
  • George Washington grew hemp and the Constitution was written on hemp paper.
  • Hemp extracts like CBD are unique as our body has a built-in receptor system, the Endocannabinoid System, that reacts to CBD to help the body help itself.
  • Hemp was a cash crop since the beginning of our country until 1937.
  • Hemp crops and products with less than .3% THC were made legal again with the 2019 Farm Bill.
  • CBD extracted from hemp has many documented benefits with people using it for when their body hurts, when they feel stressed and worried, and when they are having trouble getting their needed rest.

Basic Ways to Support Your Immune System

CBD can be helpful during our current pandemic crisis to help with the stress and worry, getting enough rest, or discomfort.  There are some other basic ways to support your immune system and the stress of our current lives.

Number one is be sure you are getting adequate nutrition by eating a variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables and other foods with fiber like whole grains, beans, and oatmeal. Try to add in foods with some of basic vitamins like Vitamin C in oranges, peppers, and spinach and Vitamin A in carrots, sweet potatoes, and kale.  A goal of 6 glasses of water a day also helps our bodies work better.  For a strong immune system, now is not the time for junk food, fast foods, or all the sweet treats, or drinks like pop and alcohol.

There are some basic supplements that have been used for centuries for the flu or infections.  These includes zinc and probiotics.  Probiotics, whether in sauerkraut, kimchee, or powdered supplements of live probiotics, are useful for our gut bacteria that are an important part of our immune system. The related prebiotics like fiber in fruit and beans provide the food for our healthy gut bacteria and help our immune system.

Other ways to stay healthy during this pandemic are by taking herbal supplements like elderberry, echinacea, garlic, and golden seal.  There are also many essential oils that have documented properties against germs including tea tree oil, cinnamon oil, lemongrass, eucalyptus, mint, lemon, and lavender. These oils can be diluted in lotions or other oils like jojoba, sprayed on surfaces, or diffused in the air.

Getting enough sleep is another important way to maintain your immune system. Regular sleep patterns and minimizing electronic device use once your go to bed are two good steps to take. 

Activities like walking or sitting outside in the sunshine, exercising, yoga, dancing, meditation, reading, puzzles, or talking to friends and family can boost your mood and your immune system. Keeping routines, especially if you are in a family group staying at home, helps keep life more normal and can help reduce stress and tension.

Now is also a good time to invest in hand sanitizers and cleaning products.  Soap and water remain high on the list for hands and household surfaces.  Products with at least 70% alcohol are also recommended. Common household products including hydrogen peroxide and bleach work well to kill germs. Check the labels on your regular cleaners such as Lysol for the ability to kill viruses and germs. It is important to really scrub well with the soap and all the other products to remove the viruses and to use enough to leave surfaces wet when you are done.

At 101 CBD we have a CBD hand sanitizer that includes several of the antiviral essential oils and mango butter to help moisturize your skin to keep it from getting to dry or cracked to let in germs. It is used alone for cleansing or often used after hand washing and stronger hand sanitizers to keep skin moisturized and with a protective barrier from the oils it contains. The small portable squeeze bottles or mini-roll-ons are easy to keep with you.

We are doing our due diligence to educate on ways to stay healthy during this pandemic. For further questions, please contact any of our 101 CBD locations to speak with one of our CBD specialists.

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