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Local Pushback Regarding Hemp Farmers in Ventura County

101 CBD owner, Justin Benton, is interviewed by Alex from the In My Grow Show talking about some restrictive legislation affecting hemp farmers in Ventura County that could go into effect very soon. The basics are that homeowners in the Moorpark, CA area complained about the smell of nearby hemp farms in the end of 2019 and spurred legislation to try and limit farmers’ ability to grow hemp within 1/2 mile of any school or residence. This restriction will make Ventura County the most restricted county in California in regards to hemp farming.

Here’s how you can help the hemp farmers. Call these district supervisors and come to the meeting tomorrow, Feb 25 at 3pm in the Ventura Government center on Victoria.  

  • Kelly Long District 3 (805 654 2276)
  • Linda Parks District 2 (805 214 2510)
  • Steve Bennett (805 654 2703)

Tell them we want a 45 day extension on the 1/2 mile restriction on hemp farmers in Ventura County so we can figure out the details on how best to move forward that benefits farmers and residents alike.

Go to Minute 15 –

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