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San Diego CBD EXPO Win-Win for 101 CBD!

101 CBD totally REPRESENTED at the finale of the Original CBD Expo Tour 2019 in San Diego, California!  The lush tropical setting on the water was the perfect place for all the professional and technical education, speakers and panel discussions, networking, receptions, and vendor displays. The first big 101 CBD WIN was earned by company founder Justin Benton speaking with his usual passion and knowledge on the optimal benefits of using the raw hemp plant either extracted as an organic, whole plant, high CBDA base for 101 CBD’s products, a freshly juiced drink, or as a green salad. He summarized the outcome of over 50 years of cannabis research by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and the conclusion that CBDA, the unheated acidic precursor to CBD in the raw plant, was the most useful and powerful of the cannabinoids. Justin championed providing access to the hemp plant in its most beneficial form by using whole plant CBDA through the 101cbd sublingual oils, topicals, or the massage line, as was making the hemp plant available in all its forms from backyard growers to massive agriculture operations. The 101 CBD booth was flooded with enthusiastic CBD Expo attendees after Justin’s talk, all eager to sample the unique products and learn more as consumers, wholesalers, bulk buyers, and even future backyard growers.

The second big WIN for 101 CBD was having our Chill X Blueberry sublingual oil chosen as the best Tincture at the Expo!  This was a huge and much appreciated win, especially due to the many fine CBD companies in attendance and our respect for the expert knowledge and in-depth experience of the CBD Expo team who chose us for this honor.  This win resulted in another surge in attendance at our 101 CBD booth as we busily sampled the Chill X Blueberry and Alleviate sublinguals until the close of the show. Our hats our off to the professional Mace Media team at the Original CBD Expo for another successful event as we take a moment to bask in 101 CBD’s double Win-Win and the satisfaction of sharing our mission of providing the most effective raw, organic, whole plant CBDA to the world.

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