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101 Hemp Featured in Bob Hoban’s Newsletter

101 Hemp stands apart in this fast-growing industry not only for the effectiveness of its Whole Plant, Raw CBDa range of products but mostly for their passion and sense of purpose.  You only have to spend a few minutes with the founders of this burgeoning family business to notice the difference for yourself.  

The story begins with a serious health problem with their young son.  With no products on the market to meet their high standards for a Whole Plant, Raw, Holistic Hemp CBD oil to treat their child, as Cannabis farmers, they researched and created a product that miraculously helped restore their child’s health. The case study summarizing their experience was published in the American Journal of Endocannabinoid Medicine.

As their miraculous story started spreading, others wanted to try their oil for their own issues.  So, the Benton’s started making their Whole Plant, CBDa formula for friends & families and quickly had to start making hundreds of bottles as demand quickly rose.  What started with the hope to heal one has now expanded to a global mission of service and compassion to pay it forward and help everyone they come into contact with. Their mission is to help 1 Billion people by 2025 through education, products and teaching how to grow and consume this miracle plant, Hemp in its most complete form.  

The passion is also seen through the large percentage of their clients who are so moved by the effectiveness of the products, they become brand ambassadors, sharing their experiences with friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers. 

101 Hemp is vertically integrated from planting Hemp fields on family farms, to extraction, to product development, to on the shelf.  Products can be found in their retail locations & globally online at and they ship to over 100 countries worldwide. Also, 101 Hemp just opened its newest retail location in Colorado at 7713 W 92nd Ave Westminster, CO 80021, this year. With plans underway to open 3 more retail locations in the US this year and an international distribution center in Dublin, Ireland.

In-depth education and research are core components of 101 Hemp’s expanding success. Using a consultation model in their brick & mortar locations, clients receive a grounded and complete understanding of how cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids & the over 500 plant constituents work with the body and how the Hemp plant’s unique properties interact to their specific questions.  Clients leave feeling their concerns were understood, addressed and with the knowledge of how Hemp & CBDa can work for them. 

Fortuitously, 101 Hemp’s Holistic approach of Whole Plant and Raw CBDa coincided with the conclusions of one of the greatest researchers in the Cannabis field, Dr. Raphael Mechoulum.  After 56 years of research, Dr. Mechoulum came from Israel to a Medical Cannabis conference, CannMed 2019, to announce that CBDa, the acid precursor to CBD, was shown to be more active within the body and a cannabinoid he said demonstrated great promise and encouraged more studies of CBDa and all the acidic precursors like CBGa and CBCa. Ongoing research from the medical field to the analysis of the data collected from clients guides product development and education at 101 Hemp. 

Beyond its use with clients, the Hemp plant itself also presents as a solution to land regeneration as it removes toxins from the soil, cleans the air, requires no chemicals and little water to grow, matures quickly, and has an almost unlimited range of uses that don’t require limited resources like trees, and can replace harmful things such as petroleum-based plastic.   

The serendipity of a family needing a miracle and Hemp, the miracle plant, being available with the 2014 Farm Bill, gave them the solution they so desperately sought for their child.  101 Hemp will continue to expand driven by the passion and knowledge of its team and their ongoing commitment to compassion and putting their clients’ needs first.

We hope to see you down the road on Your Highway to Health at 101 Hemp.

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