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More Medicinal Cannabis Studies on Children with Autism

A medicinal cannabis study conducted in Israel was recently published in the well-known medical journal, Neurology, examining the overall effect of medical cannabis therapy on children diagnosed with autism. The results were staggering, showing up to 80% improvement when used in replacement of conventional drugs. A handful of Chemists, breeders, and growers have completely snowballed the expansion of CBD strains and medicines giving hope to the numerous families affected by autism. Though we see the results every day, we need more medicinal cannabis studies on children with autism so the world understands we can heal these children naturally.

Dr. Adi Aran of Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital lead a 7 month study that treated 60 children with elevated CBD oils (20% CBD and 1% THC). After the study, parents were asked to characterize their child’s condition and answer questions based on changes they’ve seen in behavior, communication and anxiety levels. 80% of Parents reported a decrease in problematic behaviors and an increase in communication, with 62% reporting profound improvements. Although, one-third of the study participants began with no anxiety, still 40% reported significant decrease in anxious behavior and levels.

As Israel has spearheaded cannabis research, Aran has just as well pioneered cannabinoid therapy for Autism research. Beginning his project in 2017 and testing 120 children on the spectrum, Dr. Adi Aran launched the first study of its kind worldwide. This was made possible by the funding and progressive approach Israeli government has for Cannabis research. With word of these medicinal cannabis studies on children with autism getting out, a handful of smaller studies have been conducted in other countries leading to promising results and leaving us hopeful that doctors will continue to dive further into studies on the use of medical cannabis. 

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