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Dr. Rafael Mechoulam Focuses Research on CBDA

Our mission is to spread the word about Raw CBD (CBDA) and how it works to heal the body in a much more profound way than it’s decarboxylated version, CBD. At the latest CannMed Convention in Pasadena, CA, presented by Medicinal Genomics in partnership with EPM, Dr. Rafael Mechoulam, the Godfather of CBD, announced to the world his latest research. Being that Dr. Mechoulam is credited for discovering the CBD and THC molecules back in the 60’s, we in the cannabis industry listen intently when he has something to say. Essentially the big reveal is that instead of diving deeper into the world of CBD and THC, Dr. Mechoulam focuses research on CBDA (cannabidiolic acid, AKA Raw CBD).

In his latest efforts, he has been working to find a way to stabilize CBDA so that he and his scientist colleagues are better able to study it’s promising effects on the body. They have found some extremely exciting results using their stabilized version of CBDA (cannabidiolic acid methyl ester, HU-580). Dr. Mechoulam also reconfirms our belief in the Entourage Effect, reminding us that when all of the cannabinoids work together, that’s where the magic happens.

No, we did not pay Dr. Mechoulam to basically spread the word about exactly what we are doing here at 101 CBD, but we sure are excited that his research supports our focus on Raw CBDA and the whole plant Entourage Effect on our bodies.

We spoke with Michael Miller, Associate Publisher of Cannabis LA Weekly, who was also at the CannMed conference. He loved our Godfather-themed booth, playing on Dr. Mechoulam’s nickname “The Godfather of CBD”, and he wanted to gift him one of our t-shirts when he interviewed him later on that day.

Apparently, Dr. M smiled big when he saw the shirt…hopefully he noticed the logo!

Click here to see his entire speech. We encourage you to watch it in it’s entirety, but if you want to speed ahead to the good stuff about the acids and the Entourage Effect, go to minute 9:20.

Main picture above: The 101 CBD Team representing at the CannMed Convention in Pasadena, CA. From Left: Justin Benton, Linda Byrne, Kimberly Tepezano, Janet Gaillard, Angie Zugay

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