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101 CBD Sponsors Autistic Race Car Driver, Garrett Manes

What do Autism, Race Car Driving, Following Your Dream and 101 CBD Have in Common?

Well, if you ask 17-year old Garrett Manes, he would tell you EVERYTHING! When Garrett reached out to 101 CBD he wanted to talk all things ‘how can we support each other’. He knew that 101 CBD is a part of the Autism Hope Alliance and he also knew that CBD is changing the lives of those diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Being that Garrett was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at the age of two, he felt that it would be a perfect fit for sponsorship for his passion for race car driving.

Growing up, Garrett was told that Autism was ‘something he had and other people didn’t have it, it was like a disability’. He simply saw himself as a regular kid. He began driving go-karts at the age of 4, and it was soon thereafter that, combined with therapy, he found his voice and a focus that has helped with his success.

While he is a fan of other sports, none of them grabbed his attention or his heart quite like driving a race car. “When I started racing, I felt a connection to it,” Garrett explained. “Like, that’s where I should be.” Autistic race car driver or not, his passion and skill is evident and his future is bright.

At 101CBD we feel passionate about helping people live their dream! We are a very proud sponsor of you and your race car dreams, Garrett! You inspire us to stay the course as we continue to bring awareness, education and exceptional Raw CBD products to the world!

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