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The Godfather of CBD, Dr. Mechoulam is set to Define the CBDa Industry, Again

Back in the 1960’s while Americans were listening to the Beatles and winning the race to the moon, a doctor half way around the world was discovering and literally naming the compounds known as cannabinoids. The most popular today are THC and CBD. But, according to this doctor, Dr. Mechoulam, there is a parent cannabinoid of CBD that is about to grab all the headlines.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam released a video this week letting the world know he has discovered revolutionary findings relating to the ever-popular world of CBD. Here is the video:

Essentially The Godfather’s takeaway is, “Leave the CBD, Take the CBDa”.

The event where this historic announcement is taking place is CannMed 2019 in Pasadena September 23rd at 8:30 am. will be there with a booth ready to spread the news about CBDa being the superior cannabidiol helping our minds and bodies find homeostasis around the world.

We have always believed from our own experiences and those of our clients keeping CBD Raw and Unprocessed is CBD as it was meant to be. We are so thrilled the rest of the world is set to find out this truth. Now those suffering will have research from the man who discovered CBD that there is a better way.

Look for more details on this blog as CannMed approaches. We have special pricing set up with CannMed if anyone wants to attend for a discounted rate, just reach out to us. Come see what the Godfather, Dr. Mechoulam, has to say!

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