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FDA Wants to Turn CBD Oil Into a Drug that Will Cost $32,500 and Ban All Other CBD Oils

CBD is everywhere you look now; it is in our lotions, oils, drinks, baked goods even literally on our lips in chapstick. The CBD toothpaste is out of the tube, and the FDA can’t put it back in.

Americans have been let down by the FDA model of medicine. Put another way, they are sick & tired of being sick & tired. The current Natural, Plant-based shift started in our country back in 2014 when a provision was passed in the 2014 Farm Bill that allowed American farmers to start growing hemp on a pilot program to see if there was a market for hemp and CBD.

Pioneers like Joe Hickey from Kentucky had their State laws in line with federal regulations so when the 2014 Farm Bill passed, hemp seeds went into the ground right away. Fast forward five years and here we are with America’s original cash crop Hemp picking up momentum like a steam locomotive.

There is an abundance of great research coming out about CBD and all the other cannabinoids at places like The most ground-breaking research is yet to come, and the biggest common trend I’ve been seeing is the effectiveness of keeping the plant whole and consuming it the way it was meant to be with all 512 plant constituents working together like a Mozart symphony. 

CannMed 2019 is coming to Pasadena September 23 & 24th, and the GodFather of CBD, Dr. Rafael Mechulum (he literally named Cannabidiol in 1964) will be giving a talk on the Raw and Natural Acidic Precursors like CBDA, and I can’t wait to see what he has to unveil to the world this time around. will have a booth #43 at MedCann and will be on-hand to answer any questions and share our research with those looking to learn more about consuming the plant as it was meant to be which is Raw, Whole, Organic just like a Farmers Market. See you there Rafael! 

Happy Healing,

Justin Benton, President 101CBD

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