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New & Improved CBD Skin Treatment

For those not familiar with the CBD skin treatment from 101 CBD, Raw Renew Skin Treatment, the cream is an organic, vegan powerhouse of raw, whole plant, hemp-based CBD/CBDa. The new raw formula has a higher percentage of the raw CBDa, the acidic precursor of heated CBD. CBDa is less familiar to many,  but shows more benefits at lower doses and is more bio available to the body than CBD. CBDa works more effectively and uniquely with the body’s receptors including the endocannabinoid system and a large range of other receptors. Current research shows it is also produced by the body and is a key component in how our body reaches homeostasis or balance, including on the skin.

The new Raw Renew Skin Treatment formula contains whole plant compounds such as lipids and flavonoids, but with an increase in the naturally occurring terpenes, which provide the distinct smell of the hemp plant. Each terpene is unique in its range of additional healing benefits.  The new formula no longer contains Lavender Essential Oil, allowing the fresh smell of the terpenes to come through.  Added to our base of raw mango butter and hemp oil, we continue to increase skin benefits with oils of rose hip seed, argon, jojoba, rice bran, sea buckthorn and Essential Oils of Turmeric and Frankincense, plus Vitamin E. The new formula is also packaged in a larger bottle and increased from one to 1.3 ounces of product.

Raw Renew Skin Treatment is gentle enough for all skin types.  The increase in the raw CBDa content, and increased terpenes, make it a lighter and more effective cream for a variety of skin conditions.  The new raw formula CBD skin treatment provides stronger anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti- proliferation (anti-tumor), analgesic (pain reducing), and anti-bacterial properties related  to the higher level of the raw CBDa, terpenes and other whole plant compounds.

Although each ingredient adds unique benefits for the skin, the CBDa provides the most benefits,  balancing the skin elements such as the oils, but also helping with pain and inflammation. The CBD/CBDa does not enter the bloodstream, but stays localized in the application area.

Raw Renew Skin Treatment is also non-comedogenic, allowing the exchange of oxygen in the skin and not blocking it as some products with cocoa butter or coconut oil can do.  All the base ingredients are also rated for quick absorbency to prevent a greasy feeling. You can be confident in its use due to the lack of chemicals or over-heating.

For the best absorbency and effectiveness, rub the cream in thoroughly until no sign of the color or extra product remains.  Just a little goes a long way.  For the face, apply after washing and allow the cream to absorb thoroughly before applying cosmetics. It is often used as a daily moisturizer and a deep moisturizer by itself at night.  Repeated applications can be used throughout the day for areas of pain or significant concerns such as psoriasis and eczema.  Be sure to ask to try a sample of the new raw formula CBD skin treatment when you visit one of our locations, or order online by clicking here.

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