The Benefits of Raw Cannabis

The Benefits of Raw Cannabis

The benefits of Raw Cannabis are demystified in this interview with William Courtney, MD held at the Seventh National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics in Tucson, AZ. He dives into the science behind Raw cannabinoids, the challenges he comes across treating people with cannabis and how Raw cannabinoids are far superior to decarboxylated or heated up cannabinoids.

Dr. Courtney refers to cannabis as the poster child for raw food. Once you heat it, the healing properties are decreased significantly. As an MD, Dr. Courtney explains how raw cannabis cannabinoids, like CBDa, are neuroprotectants that stabilize nerves which is why it is a highly effective treatment for ailments like Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases.

We believe in Raw CBDa and the entourage of Raw cannabinoids present as the plant intended because of how it directly changed our son’s life and thousands of our clients’ lives around the globe. The benefits of Raw cannabis are real which is why we use CO2 Sub-Critical, Whole Plant Extraction to preserve all 113 cannabinoids, terpenes and Raw plant material for the full holistic healing effects of this misunderstood plant.

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