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Exciting times at 101 CBD! In our quest to continually improve our Raw, Organic, Whole Plant, Full-Spectrum CBD product! We have just released our Even Higher Raw CBDa Formulation to the public. We have said it before, but it’s worth saying again.  We believe in Raw CBDa and all the other Cannabinoids in their most natural, raw form. We are always finding ways to increase effectiveness of our products, which is keeping it as close to juicing the plant as possible by keeping the CBDa percentage high as possible and keep the plant as Mother Nature intended.  Our products have proven time and time again to improve results across the board…and thousands of emerging research findings, testimonials, follow-up surveys and the stories we hear every day from our customers are backing it up.


In this new formulation, we have increased the CBDa content to 77% of the total cannabinoid profile. More studies are confirming CBDa is much more powerful than decarboxylated CBD, showing why raw, whole plant full spectrum CBD is more effective than isolated CBD and even decarboxylated CBD. By taking CBDa in the Raw form it allows our bodies to decarboxylate the CBDa into CBD (instead of decarboxylating the cannabinoid before consumption) which is an important process that is most effective occurring inside our bodies. CBDa is being shown to be at least 4 times more effective than decarboxylated CBD products so be sure to keep that in mind when you are “comparison” shopping.

When CBD and the other 511 components of cannabis-hemp are left unchanged, they remain 3 dimensional structures.  When you decarboxylate or burn them they become two-dimensional or de-natured. This results in not being fully available and skipping off the CB1 and CB2 receptors whereas three-dimensional Raw structures make multiple points of contact with the receptors for maximum effectiveness and long term healing.  We focus on keeping the cannabis-hemp plant just as it came out of the ground so you benefit from the plant as nature intended. Hence our sub-critical CO2 extraction method keeping it “low and slow” (low temperatures under 100 degrees and low pressure making it a slow extraction process with as much time as needed).


As an added bonus, due to our continued improvements in extraction methods, the terpene content is even higher. This expanded terpene profile gives our oils a delicious smell and improved overall healing properties of our products. Basically, terpenes are the organic hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of cannabis that allow for its diversity of scents. These oils are secreted in the cannabis flowers resin glands where CBD and other cannabinoids are found. Each individual terpene provides unique benefits, adding to the Entourage Effect or synergy of all plant compounds working together for the highest benefit.

Take a look at our latest Certificate of Analysis and Terpene profile. If you want to learn more about our break-through formulation process, please feel free to call us at (805) 642-5623 or email us directly at

New Raw CBD Formulation
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