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Justin Hits the 101 Highway to Health Spreading the Word about our Raw CBD!

What a trip it was traveling from Ventura, CA to San Jose, CA this past week spreading the word about 101 CBD. It was amazing to meet all the people and stores on the CBD rocket taking off for the stars! I am so excited to get more of our products into your customer hands and to hear the stories they share once they’ve experienced the power of 101 CBD raw CBD products.

I started off visiting some old friends at Mary J Mart at their new location in Santa Barbara on State Street.  Nice digs Jess, Autumn and Alex! Everyone be sure to swing by and stock up on 101 CBD there.

Next, we made some new friends in Carpentaria at Pacific Health Foods. FYI, they have a great deli in the back (I had a delightful ham sandwich on wheat) and lots of Raw options for healthy drinks.  Nathan runs the CBD section and we look forward to becoming partners providing Carpentaria with the best Raw, Local, Organic CBD out there.


Then I stopped by Montecito Natural Foods and had a great conversation about how our Full Spectrum CBD oils will make a huge difference for their clients versus the isolate capsules they have on the shelf.  We look forward to hearing how our Full Spectrum and Raw CBD helps their customers when healing their wide variety of issues. 

Next up was New Frontiers, Christine was very knowledgeable and expressed how impressed she was with all the knowledge and research that goes into our products.  We look forward to becoming your number one seller!

California Fresh Market was next.  Rob runs the CBD department there and he used our CBD to help aches and pains from a hard workout the day before.  We look forward to helping everyone in Pismo Beach with aches and pain.

Then I went to a groovy Co-op called SLO Natural Foods.  I talked with a bunch of employees and boy, do they get it.  We had a great conversation about CBD and the fact we are Raw, Local, Organic, Full Spectrum and Sub-Critical CO2 extraction which keeps the Cannabidiol in it’s Raw state. We look forward to many more conversations and trying to keep our product in stock on their shelves once San Luis Obisbo sees the difference with 101 CBD.

Next up was Paso Robles Health Foods. Terri really knows her CBD and now she knows what separates 101 CBD from the rest.  If you have any questions about your specific ailments, Terri has the answers.

Then onto Natural Alternative Nutrition.  Man did we have a fun CBD pow-wow.  We got so energized and fired up we were ready to start a Raw CBD Revolution! We can’t wait to hear all the stories from your customers who use 101 CBD in Paso Robles, CA and how our Raw CBD products improve their lives. 

At Natural Wonders Health Food I showed up and they had just put on a marathon. Talk about people who could use some CBD for aches and pains after 26.2 miles! Can’t wait to hear how our Raw Relief CBD Topical helps heal pain in the Hollister area.

South Bay Natural Foods – What a nice owner, run by Father and Son. They have been getting asked more and more inquiries about CBD and we are excited to hear how our Organic CBD helps in the Gilroy, CA area.

Beehive Health & Nutrition – What nice people work here. They sell raw honey too! We talked in great depth about how much interest there is in CBD and how the folks in the San Jose can go to Westfield mall and get our line of Full Spectrum CBD products.

I mixed in some golf at Sindpiper, Pacific Grove and Pasa Tiempo because if you are traveling up our magnificent coast, golfing on the ocean is unparalleled and we should all be doing what we love. 


If you live anywhere near the 101 Highway be on the lookout for a man in crazy golf attire like colorful bellbottoms, wild-patterned shorts or even a Kilt! We make this trip twice a year from Los Angeles to Seattle. Here’s to seeing you on your Highway to Health!

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