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Lab Results – CBD Certificate of Analysis – CBD Pesticide Report

At 101 CBD, we continually test our products for accuracy, cannabinoid profiles and pesticides. Here is our most current 101 CBD Certificate of Analysis:101 CBD COA

Here is our most current 101 CBD Pesticide Report:

101 CBD Pesticide Report

4 thoughts on “Lab Results – CBD Certificate of Analysis – CBD Pesticide Report”

  • Just wondering if these results are very similar to the ‘Chill’? I just purchased it and I am curious. I’m looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals and I was recommended your product on multiply occasions. I am new to it and just want to make sure I’m getting a quality product. Thank you.

    • Hi Matthew, thanks for contacting us. Yes, the CBD content is exactly the same – the only difference is the Alleviate X has Organic White Willow Bark and the Chill X has organic Passion Flower extract. Feel free to reach out with any other questions via phone (805)642-5623 or email info@101cbd.orgcreate new email if you need help ordering. Thanks, The 101 CBD Team

  • Hi all , My name is Ian and 9/27/18 I went for a physical and was sent to have a ultrasound long story short they found a cancerous tumor in my right testicle and had it removed just yesterday . With my cat scan they found my lymph nodes swollen in my abdomen and are suspicious they are concerned that the cancer spread . I have been trying and looking for the right CBD meaning looking for exactly what your product reads. I have tried a few but find them not the products for me my next choice was charlottes web but I came across your brand and read your site and product, I am most likely going to have to go through chemo” therapy “ next month but I am a believer in plants and have been vegan for the last 6 years along with my wife to be and my daughter to be . It’s been really hard but I know when I find the right product it will be a relief of all the ailments you’re product list. I never wrote something like this before but just reading your page and about your product made me hopeful , so I just want to know is this is the product for me I was going to try one more time and it’s rather you or Charlottes web ?thank you for your time and sorry so long. I’d love to be a testament for your product and that plants are all we need I mean they were put here for a reason I am on my highway to health and I hope I can find my fuel. Thanks for your time Ian

    • Hi Ian, I apologize for the delay in responding, your comment got lost in the site somewhere! We have many clients who are fighting cancer who use our 2000mg CBD. That is our strongest potency offered. The difference between us and Charlotte’s Web is our product is raw, organic and full spectrum. Please read the linked blogs to find out more information on why we believe in raw, organic and full spectrum CBD. Please feel free to call us any time if you have more questions, we are always here to help!

      Thanks, The 101 CBD Team

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