Why We Use White Willow Bark in our Alleviate Products

Why We Use White Willow Bark in our Alleviate Products

White willow bark extract is another superstar addition to our CBD products for pain and inflammation.  It is the synergistic ingredient in our Alleviate line to add further anti- inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-oxidant power.

White willow bark, or Salix Alba, has been used by cultures for over a thousand years for aches, pain, and fever, especially back and joint pain and headaches.  Many are familiar with one of its compounds, salicin that turns into salicytic acid in the body, the precursor to the widely used aspirin developed in 1899. Similar to many plant-based remedies, white willow bark contains many other identified and unidentified compounds than just the isolated salicin that add to its effectiveness. These compounds include other salicylates, polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamin B12, iron, potassium, and tannins.

A review of available research shows the effectiveness of white willow bark for lower back pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and mild to moderate acne. The pain reducing ability of white willow bark is related to its ability to regulate inflammatory prostaglandins.  There are few robust clinical trials on white willow bark, as for the majority of natural plant remedies with low profit margins.  Many countries in the European Union have approved the sale of white willow bark for rheumatic symptoms and other pain conditions.

White willow bark is generally considered safe if consumed in moderation and is an excellent alternative to commercially produced aspirin that uses isolated salicin with fewer side effects than aspirin or NSAIDS. It is not advised for those allergic to aspirin, who have gastric ulcers, or are pregnant or breast feeding, although little research on side effects is available.

Additional uses of white willow bark based on its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-oxidant, anti-pyretic, and immune boosting properties include reducing headache pain, menstrual cramps and PMS, tooth pain, and the fever and aches and pains of the flu and colds. With its wide variety of nutritional compounds and known uses for pain and inflammation, white willow bark is the perfect addition to the pain and inflammation properties the raw, organic, hemp-based CBD in our Alleviate line of products. We appreciate your positive feedback on the helpfulness of our enhanced CBD Alleviate and hope to hear more of your experiences.

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  • I recently was diagnosed with oral shingles. Shingles are very painful and I wasn’t able to eat for a few days. I was also left with a tingling sensation on my lips and tongue which the Dr. stated will last for awhile. The Dr. wanted to prescribe Gabapentin for nerve pain. However, I declined the nerve pain medication as I have taken Gabapentin in the past with no results for nerve pain. Instead I chose to increase my daily dose of Alleviate X. I’m very pleased with the relief that from the CBD oil for the shingles and the residual nerve pain. I had to go back and purchase Alleviate XX so that I can continue to get relief for the residual nerve pain. No one should ever have to experience that much pain! I highly recommend trying Alleviate X or XX for pain!

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