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Why 101 CBD is Better

101 CBD is better and let us tell you why.

Knowledge about CBD health benefits is spreading like wildfire. But not all CBD is created equal! Did you know that many CBD companies cook CBD down to a powder to create their CBD products? This gets rid of all of the valuable plant materials in the raw product, let alone the nourishing cannabis compounds that aid in improving your health the natural way. Check out 101 CBD! We use only organic, CO2 extracted, raw, full spectrum CBD that tastes delicious with our raw organic stevia and other organic flavors. We are the real deal and you’ll feel the difference!



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Lab Results – CBD Certificate of Analysis – CBD Pesticide Report

At 101 CBD, we continually test our products for accuracy, cannabinoid profiles and pesticides. Here is our most current 101 CBD Certificate of Analysis: Here is our most current 101 CBD Pesticide Report:

2 thoughts on “Why 101 CBD is Better”

    • Great question! Yes, we always suggest eating hemp or juicing it. We regularly juice high CBD strain hemp plants and it makes us feel amazing! The benefit of our oil is that it’s highly concentrated and still maintains the CBDa (raw CBD). But if you have access to some hemp, eating a little each day can be amazing for your health!

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