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How Sessions’ Actions Can Actually Help the CBD Industry

Ever since the US government saw hemp as a threat to big money industries and outlawed it in 1937, hemp supporters have been struggling to find ways to prove the benefits that hemp offers and reasons why it should be legalized nationwide. We’ve come a long way in this fight but we continue to come across speed bumps along the way that derail our progress. Our most recent speed bump has been Attorney General Jeff Sessions who just repealed the state-legal protections for marijuana companies. While this causes the medical marijuana industry a headache, we are looking into how Sessions’ actions can actually help the CBD industry.

The reality is that CBD is protected by the 2014 Farm Bill, so if growers, distributors, retailers and the like follow individual state laws pertaining to hemp, the Department of Justice can’t and won’t bother you. There is a distinct difference between marijuana and CBD and this difference is being clarified with each legislation passed regarding marijuana specifically. Sessions’ actions can actually help the CBD industry because hemp/CBD is a safe bet and consumers can feel confident knowing that current changes in legislation affects the marijuana industry only. Click on the link below to read more.


Sessions’ marijuana antagonism spooks hemp industry, but some see silver lining


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