CBD for PMS – Relieve Menstrual Period Pain with CBD

CBD for PMS – Relieve Menstrual Period Pain with CBD

Once a month I gave my family the wise advice to “steer clear” of mom. The typical moodiness, the menstrual cramps, the back aches all added up to a complete disaster that even I didn’t want to be around. For years I would self-medicate with ibuprofen and wine which would alleviate the pain in the moment but was not a long-term or 24-hour solution. Wine before work was never a good idea.

Then I started hearing about how women were using medical marijuana to alleviate the pain and discomfort related to menstrual cramps. My pot smoking days were over so I never thought medical marijuana was an option for me.  Being a mom of three little ones, working almost full time and racing around town all day shuffling kids from one place to the next, getting “high” just wasn’t in the cards. Then I learned about CBD for PMS and realized what a gold mine this was for me and my issues. Getting the pain relieving, mood boosting benefits from the plant without getting high? Yes, please!

I tried different varieties of CBD for PMS – super highly concentrated CBD tinctures, low concentrated ones, CBD bath salts, CBD body rubs and more. I found dropping a bit of CBD oil under my tongue was the best, most effective way for me to get the most relief in the least amount of time.

Then I had to figure out what type of CBD oil was right for me. In my research, I found many different types of CBD that target different ailments. CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDa?? What will give me the most pain relief and mood boost? By sampling as many CB-whatevers I could get my hands on I found that the most important things were that CBD was raw and the natural plant parts were still present.

Raw CBD offers more vitamins and nutrients and healing power due to the raw nature of the CBD (CBDa). For more information on why raw CBD is better, click here.

The plant parts to which I’m referring are things like terpenes, fatty acids, Vitamin E, and plant sterols. This plant material can be removed by some purification processes, leaving a very clear, clean CBD oil. In my experience, the higher concentrations of CBD in this pure, clean state didn’t work as well as the CBD oil with the plant material still present. I think there’s something unique about the natural elements that are found in the cannabis plant and that they shouldn’t be cleaned out.

Finally, how much CBD is the perfect amount? I kept seeing higher and higher concentrations of CBD oils but read somewhere that less is more when it comes to CBD. At one point in my research, before I adopted the less is more approach, I felt I had built up a tolerance and in order to get the same relief, I needed to increase my dosage. I think I just felt so good and pain free while taking CBD, I figured I’d just feel better with more. This wasn’t the case. It’s not that I felt bad with the higher dosages, I just didn’t need them. So I took a break and readjusted my tolerance and went back to 2 droppers a day of the 600mg Alleviate X Vanilla and have been using the same amount ever since.

In conclusion, if you don’t want to get high but want the natural benefits of the cannabis plant, CBD for PMS is the answer. The raw, whole plant complex at a relatively low dose worked for me. I hope my experience can help guide you to find relief quicker and easier.

Guest post written by Mollie B. – a mom of three who is passionate about health and nutrition, who knows a thing or two about marketing and business, and a total exercise nut who also likes to write every now and then.

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