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Post about 101 HEMP to Earn CBD Bucks to spend in our store!  

Program Highlights

We will support you every step of the way. Here's how...

CBD Bucks!

You'll earn rewards to spend in our store monthly (just like cash). 

CBD Bucks


We will give you all the resources you need to succeed, including promotional materials.

25% Off!

You'll get a customized code for your friends and family to save 25%.

PLUS Earn $20 CBD Bucks for Every Referral that Signs Up

We are looking for more people to spread the word. If you share the customized link that we provide you on your dashboard and someone signs up to become an affiliate, then you will earn $20 CBD Bucks and they will get $20 CBD Bucks just for signing up!

*All extra CBD Bucks will be paid out during our monthly payouts.

101 Hemp Testimonial

Alleviate X User

Justin is an expert and cares deeply for his clients! My firsthand knowledge. I suffer and have suffered for years... The Alleviate X twice a day really helps... My family and I thank you for this life changing naturally occurring miracle CBD Oil.

How to Get Started

In 3 Simple Steps, become a 101 Hemp Brand Ambassador and start benefiting today! 

step 1

Click Here to Sign Up!

step 2

Once you sign up, you will have promotional materials mailed to you. Then, share your unique affiliate link via email, social media or text message to drive traffic to our site. 

step 3

Generate clicks to our site and earn rewards monthly to shop in our store!

What Are You Waiting For? Start Helping Heal the World with the 101 Hemp Brand Ambassador Program!

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